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The Latest Scan Revealed That THE MASS HAS DISAPPEARED

To say that I am grateful and pleased with the Energy Genesis would be the understatement of the decade!

I am a business coach and Management consultant and I see myself as being open to all things new and especially esoteric. A friend asked me to travel from Maryland to Michigan with him for me to experience the Energy Genesis, which he was considering investing in to bring a unit to Maryland.  I understood that for most it is advisable to go through nine to twelve sessions, but we would start with three and take it from there. We understood that on occasion some rather miraculous things have happened. We did the three sessions, spent considerable time with the wonderful Libby Slocum on the business and technical aspect of the technology and returned to Maryland with no seeming miracles having occurred.

Prior to my trip to Michigan, a large mass had been discovered on my left lower left lung, during scans in preparation for a heart ablation. I then had a PET/CT scan done and it appeared that there was no cancer, and being a former smoker that was good news. I was told to check again in six months so I was not thinking about it while in Michigan. Upon my return, I was contacted by my pulmonologist and told that even though only three months had passed, the radiologist was very concerned about the mass because of the size of it and that I should come in now and have my lung scanned.

I set the appointment at American Radiology, had the scan done and anxiously awaited the results. And by the way the scan detecting the mass and the pet scan were done at different places, so there is no question that there was a mass, however the latest scan revealed that THE MASS HAS DISAPPEARED. In technical terms from the report generated by American Radiology Services – “The previously noted area of abnormal soft tissue density involving the lingual on the prior PET/CT examination is not present on the current CT examination of the chest.” To say that I am grateful and pleased with the Energy Genesis would be the understatement of the decade. This is an absolutely fantastic futuristic technology that is right here right now. All thanks to Libby and the inventor of this amazing scientific breakthrough.


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One medical cocktail after another….

After spending several years being put on one medical cocktail after another, and dealing with the negative side effects from all those medications: side effects that severely limited my ability to participate in life, I decided it was time to make a change.  And I knew it would have to be a drastic one.  When I first heard of the EnergyGenesis  process I felt it would be exactly the right thing to get me back on track.  And I was right. After the first session, I was a little apprehensive and afraid it wasn't going to work as I had hoped but by the end of the third session I knew I had turned a corner.  I had stopped taking all the medications for anxiety and insomnia and after the first session and haven't needed to go back since.  It's now been 3 months and life is so much easier and more enjoyable living without all those medications.  It saved my life and brought back happiness I thought was lost forever.


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Carpal tunnel pain and numbness….

I have severe carpal tunnel in both hands that was waking me up every night for months.  I had pain and numbness and no amount of shaking my hands would help. After my first EnergyGenesis series, it was noticeably improved. After my third series, I have no numbness or pain in either wrist!!!


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X-ray showed both breaks healed completely….

My great toe was broken in two places and I was advised to have surgery with pins and to expect 8-weeks of recuperation.  Instead, I began my first EnergyGenesis series the next day and the pain was immediately gone so the prescribed pain medication was unnecessary.  I continued my work cleaning houses and was able to do anything I wanted including standing on my tiptoes.

After the second series 21-days later, the x-ray showed both breaks had healed completely.  The surgeon doesn’t understand how this happened but it’s clear to me EnergyGenesis sped up the healing process allowing me to avoid pain medication and surgery while continuing to earn money!  As a bonus, I’ve stopped taking asthma medication after having used it most of my life.


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I am a believer in EnergyGenesis and my test results are proof!

I am a 69-year old man and feeling great! That is today.  Previously I suffered from ulcerative colitis for seven years.  Repeated yearly tests have shown elevations in my cholesterol, triglycerides, and creatine levels. For the last year, I have been working with acupuncturist Libby Slocum with success.  In addition, after six sessions in the EnergyGenesis, I have seen a remarkable 

improvement in my health.  That, along with acupuncture has put my ulcerative colitis in a complete state of remission.  My gastroenterologist was shocked and astounded to report that after a routine colonoscopy my colon was free of IBS.  Although still taking medication, I have reduced the amount and frequency.  Thanks to EnergyGenesis I am free from severe cramping that is so prevalent with colitis patients.  Lying in the EnergyGenesis is one of the most relaxing and comforting experiences, creating a healing state of mind and body.  I am a believer of EnergyGenesis and my test results are proof.  The icing on the cake is that lab results from my annual physical show that all my blood test results are better than normal including my cholesterol, triglycerides, and creatine; dropping into the levels usually enjoyed by very young men.  My doctor gave me an A+ on all the results.  Thank you for introducing me to this innovative, non-invasive and remarkable experience.  Wow!  What a gift!


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My anxieties have been replaced by a feeling of calm….

Surgery from Liver Cancer left me with physical and emotional trauma that persisted after traditional treatment modalities. Prolonged postoperative treatments included physical therapy, psychological counseling, oncology visits, quarterly CT scans and orthopedic evaluations which instilled more anxiety than relief. After my first session in the Energy 

Genesis, I experienced a deep sleep for 12 hours. Continued EG sessions have resulted in lowered blood pressure without prescription medications, sleep improvement, changes in my skin tone, color and texture and an overall feeling of well-being. Finally, my anxieties have been replaced by a feeling of calm, renewed energy in my daily activities, and improved health. My transformation has been so noticeable and profound that my spouse and son have had sessions after witnessing my experiences.


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Anyone with chronic pain needs to know about EnergyGenesis – it’s brilliant!

My life had turned into an all-consuming, life-limiting, daily struggle with pain.  The morning after my second session in the EnergyGenesis I woke up and something was different.  At first, I could not place it.  Then it hit me: I was pain free! I immediately called my sister and we sobbed together in joy at finding something, finally after 15 years, that could take away the  pain. The effect has continued.  Anyone with chronic pain needs to know about EnergyGenesis - it's brilliant!


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